About Us

As new parents, raising a newborn was a mix of absurdity tinged with moments of pure hilarity. Our sleep-deprived, parent-friends echoed the same stories and observations. That inspired us to print some one-off shirts for our boy, Skyler. Each shirt began with a story. For example, Accident Prone came from Sky’s multiple trips to the hospital (the kid is a trooper).  Mathletic from the realization that our clumsy guy, is less sporty and more academic. 

Surprisingly, people began to ask where we got the shirts and how they could buy one. And as more folks kept asking, we thought, maybe we should start making shirts? Enter Sultan Sky. 

We're Carolyn and Harold (aka Team Harolyn or Team Carold, depending on which one of us you ask). Mama is a former MBA-toting, corporate girl. She left the cubicle life to explore her more creative side through fashion styling and photography. But more importantly, the escape allowed her to spend more precious time with the Sultan of our household, Skyler. Papa Sultan is a 20-year vet of the ad industry as an art director. He is currently still making ads, on a freelance basis.

Together, we keep aspiring to get to the place where the line of work/play blur. It's starting to feel like we're headed in the right direction. But beyond making cool and fun shirts, we believe in creating and sharing great, quality products. Our biggest dream is to put smiles on faces with every tee. Thanks for the support.

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